Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Bangalore Real Estate Gets Into Resurrection Mode

With a view of addressing infrastructure woes of Bangalore, the Karnataka Government has chalked out a comprehensive plan to invest US$ 15.73 billion to improve the infrastructure in the state which is highest among all states in the country. Due attention has been given to the peripheral areas as well, and Whitefield is among the most talked about real estate markets in Bangalore currently. Whitefield is located on the periphery near ORR where lots of infrastructure and real estate development activities are taking place. The location is merely 3-km from KR Puram Railway station, 2.5 km from Ring Road and bordered with international school and medical facilities.

The main thrust will be on the development of Outer Ring Road (ORR) region to solve the problem of traffic congestion and to meet the requirements of industries. After facing a fall in the corporate interest, real estate market in this area is slowly catching up as the infrastructure and connectivity in and around the place is improving with availability of transportation means.

Real estate scenario

Office rentals in Bangalore have not seen any noticeable fall in the past 5-years, property brokers say. Office rental in Bangalore has been at sky high, as far as CBD and other prime commercial locations are concerned. However, the demand level has been gradually going down with unprecedented hike in the rental levels. But we can interpret the phenomenon with market slowdown," says a Bangalore based property broker.

Emerging picture

Looking at the overall state of real estate industry in Bangalore, a drop of about 15-20 per cent in transaction volume has been witnessed in residential real estate in Bangalore, in the past quarter, say developers and property brokers. However, the city is picking up in the segments of plotted development, luxury villas, apartments and penthouses. Meanwhile, developers are coming up with innovative marketing strategies and schemes to attract property buyers.

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Monday, 19 December 2016

Real Business Establishment, Real declarers

Concorde group is one of the oldest real estate industries, when real estate was meant to be in its infancy, when more and new variety is expected from government and developers, then two visionaries came together to establish its name in real estate market in Bangalore.

Concorde Group comes up with the valuable experience, and a keen sense of design, experiencing knowledge along with able administration and business, by bringing their valuable experience and knowledge it is one of the most authentic and most prominent real group in Bangalore, taking care of all its visionaries and departments.

Concorde Group review not only change the perception of living but also redefine the standard of living for an individual, and building this group as a world class company.
Concorde Group was set in 1998 and developed in over 18 million sft in residential space, with rocketing growth in IT industry in Bangalore, it has an ability to deliver home with world class and modern designs, it has changed the way of living luxurious life for an individual with comfort.

Concorde projects review are made with love and passion with maintaining seclusion and privacy to get great living away from pressure of work day, by providing relaxing environment, leaving behind its long lasting value and benchmark quality on its customers.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Bangalore Enjoys the Real Estate Downpour!

The demand for buying a property in Bangalore has triggered a spate of residential, commercial and retail developments in the city. Reputed builders and developers are moving to the suburbs of Bangalore finding a shortage of space in the main city.

Bangalore comes with many choices for a residential space. As per individual needs and budget one can settle for 1 BHK apartment or a lavish villa. Before purchasing any property plenty of attention should be given to the location. A centrally located property in this tech city demands a heavy price while that in the suburbs may fall in an affordable range. Residential properties in areas like Whitefield, Off Cunningham Road, Sadashiv Nagar etc., are a favorite among the elite. However, if you want to purchase a property in Bangalore, but not in the posh localities then you may opt for Koramangala, Jayanagar, BTM Layout, K.R.Puram, Madiwala, Indira Nagar, Malleshwaram, Banshankari, Marthahalli and HSR Layout offering budget properties.

By and large, the huge influx of IT professionals coming to Bangalore to pursue their career goals increases the population count as well as the demand for residential properties. The deficit in the availability of properties has stirred the real estate market in Bangalore. The highest property demand in Bangalore comes from the middle working class. This segment of the society is actively participating in the real estate market to find a decent and affordable living space in the city. The developers have started developing affordable residential townships in full swing. This indeed is the right time to own a residential property in Bangalore.

Commercial and retail developments in Bangalore indirectly amplify the demand for properties. High paying IT jobs, world-class malls for shopaholics and an upgraded lifestyle makes Bangalore look more appealing in the eyes of potential buyers. Real estate in Bangalore is beaming with life not only because of the domestic buyers, but it has NRI investors pouring in like never before. The significant appreciation in the prices of properties has encouraged the NRIs to invest more for profitable returns. If the residents of Bangalore do not act swiftly towards owning a home, the city will soon see a stage when NRIs will own the city by and large. The only concern is NRIs have been purchasing properties in the city for investment sake to yield better profits while for the residents it is a basic necessity.

The suburbs have come as a relief for the government and the private builders. All types of properties in the suburbs of Bangalore, whether residential, commercial or retail, fall within the affordable bracket for many. Are you still indecisive? It's now or never!

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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Concorde Group Reviews:- 3 Keys to Being a Successful Real Estate Agent

Becoming a successful real estate agent depends on many factors. One needs to invest time in education, pass licensing exams, get proper finances, develop communication skills, build network, etc. to succeed in the business. However, there are other hidden aspects too which makes one a successful agent. Read on to know more about the various traits of an accomplished agent.

Understand the market dynamics

Unlike any other business, to prosper in this field, it's essential to understand the dynamics of the market. Business in this sector depends on the economy, Government's policies, interest rates and demographics. A slight change in the above factors can have a huge impact on the sector. Therefore, before venturing in the segment, it's imperative to understand the market well. Prosperous agents know the current trends in the market and formulate their own policies accordingly. The sector is a volatile one where profits keep on changing from time to time. Efficacious agents survive the tough time by being well acquainted with the events in the sector.

Working with a real estate broker

Working with a competent real estate broker is pretty important before venturing in the sector. The brokers are aware about the practical details of the segment, and aiding them initially clears many doubts. Working with brokers prepares one to better handle deals and negotiations. Before choosing a broker, one must check its reputation and credentials in the market. One can check a broker's credentials online or through references. Some key questions to be asked before zeroing in on a broker are:

How many years he/she has worked in the field?

What's his/her way of contacting and dealing with clients?

Get license and budget

A real estate agent license authorizes one to carry out realty deals. To procure such license, one needs to follow certain rules as specified by the law. In some cases, one needs to clear state and national exams to get trade license.

One also requires adequate funds to carry on with projects. Successful agents have many financiers who are ready to finance them during big projects. Realty sector involves a lot of investment, and hence it's essential to have backups during financial crunch.

Affluent agents work for long hours. They have unpredictable schedules and understand that client can call them any time, any day. Successful agents don't hesitate in meeting clients at odd hours and are readily available when required. They also know the art of negotiation and make reasonable offers to clients. They have strong persuasion power and are ever ready to learn new things.

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Thursday, 3 November 2016

How to Become a Successful Real Estate Investor?

With the real estate sector witnessing phenomenal growth in recent years, investment opportunities in the sector have increased manifold. However, becoming a successful real estate investor is not everyone's cup of tea. One needs to understand the various aspects and the risk factors involved to become an efficacious investor. It is also important to decide the goals you want to achieve through real estate investing.

Study the market

Before spending in the sector, it is essential to study the market well. A successful investor is well aware of the current market scenario. Keep a track of the latest developments through newspapers, internet and other modes of communication. You need to have an analytical approach and think the pros and cons of each development.

Have a proper game plan

Proper plan is one of the key traits of prosperous private real estate investors. List your investment plans on paper and analyze it. Find out if there are any loopholes in your plan and get it checked by seasoned campaigners. There are certain questions you need to answer before spending. They are:-

• How many properties do you want to buy?
• How you plan to get a high return on investment?
• Which sector (commercial, residential, retail) is your focus?
• How will you arrange the funds?
• What are the risk factors?

Assemble a team

Making money in the real estate depends a lot on your team. All prosperous investors have a core team with specific tasks. Appraisers, contractors, lenders, agents and attorneys are the key members of team who will aid you in every possible way to make your venture fruitful.

Establish goals for each property

Before investing in a property, set up the goals. Figure out what you want to do with the possessions. Do you want to sell it immediately or hold it for long? Successful investors know how to earn profits on each property. Proper homework and exit plans curtail risk factors to a great extent.

Assess the tax situation

Taxes, a vital part of successful investment, can make a lot of difference between positive and negative cash flow. Hence, you must know your tax situation and use it for your aid. Hire a good tax accountant who will guide you through the various aspects of taxation.

Through inspection of property

A smart real estate investor is one who conducts a thorough inspection of property before spending. It's foolish to invest in an asset without proper examination. If you are unsure about anything, hire a surveyor.

Be optimistic and patient

Patience is the key to success in any business. Don't lose your patience when the market is not doing well. In such a scenario, don't lose hope and start taking wrong decisions. All successful investors in the sector have witnessed lows, but their commitment and optimism have helped them turn the tide. Stick to tried and tested strategies during rough periods. However, if they don't work out, then start exploring new tactics.

Mr. C. Prabhakar is the Director of Gopalan Group. He holds a Bachelor Degree of Architecture from the Bangalore University and has done Business Management from the Harvard Business School. Mr. Prabhakar is well-versed and proficient in all aspects of the real estate business and his attention to detail is matched only by his incredible high energy levels.

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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Concorde Group Reviews- Corporate Houses Explore Opportunities in Real Estate

Indian real estate is happening, and a number of non real estate companies are entering the sector to leverage the opportunities. Most recently, auto major Hero Group joined the bandwagon. The group claims to have 10 acre of land in Gurgaon, Haryana and is planning to develop it into a commercial property. Similarly, Bata, India's largest footwear maker is also getting into real-estate development. They are developing flats that will be a part of the Calcutta Riverside Project. The group claims that the township will be ready by 20011-12.

Following the footsteps of private players, MTNL which owns large expanse of land in Delhi and Mumbai, was also considering developing commercial for lease out purposes. Also, Indian Railways and Postal department have also announced to develop properties on their own. Of late, the astounding success of Indian real estate developers have inspired many business organizations to either diversify into the sector as a full-fledged construction company or at least get its properties generate rental income. Besides, some are also poised to sell their assets at premium prices.

In a bid to explore the opportunities lying in the sunshine sector of real estate, a suit of India's business conglomerates has set itself high to utilize its land bank for the development of new properties. In fact, many of these are teaming up with established real estate developers to get things on the right track. Well, of course, the move is likely to enhance the revenue charts of these companies. Nevertheless, the rising value of prime land and the robust outlook of the realty sector have led to the increase in interest in real estate. Consequently, from automobile companies to plastic manufacturers, everyone needs a piece of this cake.

It has been observed that mostly the corporate houses tie up with developers for their project. The corporate houses bring in the land for development and the developers bring in their experience in real estate development. During 2006, we saw many business houses partnering, some of them were: Punj Lloyd with Delhi-based real estate developer Ramprastha Group for developing multi-storied residential housing project. Nilkamal Plastics entered the real estate business by forging an alliance with the Mumbai-based Bhoomi Developers. The company unlike others also ventured in converting its dilapidated properties into commercial properties.

Also, Rajesh Exports had set up a 100 per cent subsidiary-Bangalore Infrastructure Ltd to enter real estate and infrastructure development. The company had in past acquired properties at prime locations in Bangalore. The subsidiary will develop office complexes, residential and commercial properties. Asian Tea in a bid to diversify also entered into the real estate segment, and was acquiring locations for commercial development in Kolkata. It would be worth observing if the large corporate houses show the developer a trick or two to extract more from the gold mine
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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Concorde Group Reviews– Comes With all Basic Amenities

Concorde Group is one of the leading real estate developers in the country today. Based in Bangalore, it has real estate projects not just in Bangalore but other parts of South India as well like Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune. Founded in 1998 by B S Shivarama and R Gopal Reddy, the sole aim of concorde group ever since its inception has been to bring about a change in the real estate domain and offer its customers what most companies have not been able to offer. This is the reason probably they have been able to claim the top real estate developer position in this much time span.
Another feather added to the Concorde cap is Concorde Epitome These apartments offer the customers top class architecture and come with the best specifications which make sure that the customers get nothing less than the best of all when it comes to their dream homes.

Concorde group understand that buying a home is a onetime investment for most and they ensure that this investment is made extremely special with the kind of architecture, specifications and amenities that they have to offer. There is so much that they take care of that it will leave you completely mesmerized.
Location is also another added advantage to this residential magnificence created by Concorde group. With all basic amenities like schools, medical facilities and shopping malls nearby, you are sure to have a gala time living here. For more details about project and concorde group reviews visit link.